Party like the 1920s in the 2020s

Ring in a new decade!


"...and will I like being called a jazz baby? --You will love it."
~F. Scott Fitzgerald

"I looked back on the roaring Twenties, with its jazz,
'Great Gatsby' and the pre-Code films as a party
I had somehow managed to miss."
~Hugh Hefner

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Did someone say CONTEST?

Our event on January 18th will include two big contests with three special prizes.

Best Dressed Contest

January 18th will be the night to dress your best with fashions, vintage or new, inspired by the Jazz Age!

Everyone who wants to participate will be invited to make a small parade to show off their finery. Our judges will pick the winners with two excellent prizes! We will award prizes for Best Dressed in Ladies’ Wear and Best Dressed in Men’s Wear. 

Our sponsors are two of Toronto’s most fashionable locations for retro and vintage/vintage-inspired clothing: Doll Factory by Damzels & Kingpin’s Hideaway

*The Best Dressed Contest will take place at approximately 9:45pm.


Charleston Contest

Our Charleston contest will be rip roaring, wild and crazy, authentic 1920s winner-takes-all dance contest!

Anyone can participate and there is no fee or need to sign up in advance. Everyone will be invited out on the floor to cut a rug and the judges will go around and give a friendly “tap out” to dancers until just three finalists are remaining. Then we’ll have a true dance-off to determine the winner!

We have a fantastic prize for our winner! I addition to bragging rights, the winner will choose a pair of finely crafted vintage inspired shoes from Saint Savoy, all the way from Vienna! Saint Savoy makes exquisite shoes in styles for both ladies and gentlemen. Feast your eyes on their craftsmanship here.

*The Charleston Contest will take place between 10:45pm and 11:15pm, TBC.

We can’t wait to see your 1920s inspired fashion and dancing in January!