Party like the 1920s in the 2020s

Ring in a new decade!


"...and will I like being called a jazz baby? --You will love it."
~F. Scott Fitzgerald

"I looked back on the roaring Twenties, with its jazz,
'Great Gatsby' and the pre-Code films as a party
I had somehow managed to miss."
~Hugh Hefner

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Toronto is Getting a Series of Roaring Twenties Events to Ring in 2020

Get ready to party like the 1920s in the 2020s!

A new decade is just around the corner and Toronto is getting a series of exuberant, freewheeling, wild retro parties to celebrate—art deco style. Instead of looking to the future, the 6ix will be blasting back to the past with special 1920s themed immersive experiences! Think cocktails, flappers, hot jazz, cool speakeasies, and bathtub gin.


The first event will be Saturday, January 18th, 2020 with the celebratory theme: Welcome to the ’20s! Think of it as a second new year’s eve bash; a jubilant spree to kick off the new decade. GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!

One week before the big event, we’re also holding a Charleston & 1920s Dance Workshop for complete beginners. This will be a great way to prepare for the event, meet people, and get in the mood for a roaring year in 2020!

Another event will likely take place in April, date TBC. Mark the change of seasons with everyone’s favourite, elusive party host, Jay Gatsby. More themed events will follow throughout the year.

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So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets and sign up for exclusive updates.

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